Jac Counts


I truly love what I do for a living. As one of the owners of Capstone Benefits Consulting, I am very fortunate to be part of a very talented and experienced team of employee benefits experts that take great pride in providing our clients with the best opportunities to manage and control their healthcare spend. I am a firm believer in a culture of empowerment and transparency, and this resonates internally within our team, as well as externally to our clients. I also believe in the power of partnership and spend a great deal of my time identifying and developing relationships with industry leaders across multiple specialties that can provide value to our clients. Our professional advisor network is an extension of our team and we view each of those relationships as a partnership. I, as well as everyone in our firm, believe in putting the client first when making decisions and providing value with all the solutions we help develop.

I am an avid golfer and fortunately get to have fun with my favorite hobby at work. I also love doing most things outdoors, including bird hunting, deer hunting, and just about anything that qualifies as exercise. Many of the professional advisors I work with enjoy some of the same activities, so we often get together for “meetings” and have some fun at the same time. Relationship is important to me. I want to know the people I work with on a personal and professional level. The first rule of business for me is, I have to like you and you have to like me, or nothing else matters.

My wife, Leslie, and my children, Carter and Caroline, live in Newnan and are involved in our church and community. I serve on several local and regional boards of directors and believe that a strong community leads to a strong economy and a better place to live.


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