Steven Prance


I love what I do for a living. I love hearing about what makes people successful, I love hearing about people’s passions, and I am fascinated by all the different ways people make money. Most of my clients are entrepreneurs, as am I. They have passion and purpose behind their businesses and are eager to talk about it, as I am eager to listen. If I can help them in even the smallest way transition their business to the next generation, help them create a legacy, improve the health and wellness of them and their employees, or provide for their children, grandchildren, or favorite charities; or if I can give them peace of mind that their loved ones will be ok, even if God forbid something happened to them, then I am tapping into my purpose and passion.

When I’m not working with business owners or families, I am spending time with my own family on our small farm. My wife Becca and I have two kids, a boy Wyatt and a girl Reagan. We (or more appropriately she) also has a dog Rio, several chickens, some ducks, a horse, and a bunch of barn cats. We are very involved in our church, First Baptist Eatonton as well as in the community.

For fun, I enjoy shooting birds (both of the feather and clay variety), I enjoy golfing (although what I do many people don’t refer to as golf), and over the years I have developed a salt water fishing habit. I am also a sports nut and love pulling for my Bulldogs.

I love my family, my work, my colleagues, and my clients; success is always way more fun when there are people to share it with.


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